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Geetha Murali

As a former Chapter Leader for Room to Read, Adriane Herrick Juarez saw firsthand the important impact that Room to Read has had developing 20,000 libraries and literacy-partnerships around the world and positively affecting the lives of over 11.6 million children through primary school literacy programs  and secondary school girls’ education efforts. In this interview with Dr. Geetha Murali, new CEO of Room to Read as of January 2018, we take a global look at Room to Read’s model of deep, systemic transformation in low-income countries as they implement their vision that states, “World Change Starts with Educated Children.”

Through Geetha’s insights, we gain knowledge about what it takes to optimize organizational reach and impact with a laser-focus on an organization’s technical portfolio. This includes investing in proven solutions that address challenges for the long-term – while collaborating with communities, partners, and governments – something that all libraries must do. Come with us on an inspiring world-journey as we learn how to formulate and communicate strong, measurable results – moving beyond passion with hard work and best practices to create transformative change.

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  • Rajasree Feb 6,2018 at 2:05 pm

    Wonderful and useful project

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