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Jamie Munk Carter

Enjoy this podcast with Jami Munk Carter, Director of the Tooele City Library, just west of Salt Lake City, Utah. On this program, Jami shares the organic path she took into library leadership and reflects on her own vulnerability. She demonstrates the way that she genuinely connects with people, supports her staff, and selflessly gives back to the library profession – even serving as President of her state’s library association. You will have your heart opened as she shares stories about the people who have walked into her life in the heart of the community – the library. She is thankful every day for the gift she has been given through the trust of those she helps. Give yourself the gift of listening to her reflections on the way libraries can change lives.

Click here to listen to Jamie’s episode:

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  • Erica Lake Sep 30,2017 at 5:39 am

    I’d like to subscribe to your podcast posts – thanks!

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