“The essential guide for library leadership is here! From finding your purpose to hiring the right people to help you make it happen, this podcast is a gift to aspiring and current library managers everywhere. Adriane Herrick Juarez is a talented host and an example of someone who has found her passion and is using it to bless the lives of others.” – Heather Simonsen

“Library Leadership Podcast hosted by Adriane Herrick Juarez (Park City Library Executive Director) is a very interesting series of podcasts to benefit Library Leadership – and truly, everyone who desires to be a leader! Once you listen to 1 podcast, you become interested in the next! Thank you, Adriane!” – Bill Humbert

Adriane Herrick Juarez and her Library Leadership Podcast are on the cutting edge of relevant topics in Library-Land. Professionally presented, effectively delivered, this is always a worthwhile program to follow!! – Robert Shupe

“Libraries play a vital role in a community, bringing technology, entertainment, and information to the patrons. As a library board member, I know the library is anything but a stodgy place, and managing the continual changes requires skill. This podcast provides interviews with the movers and shakers of library management, giving librarians insight and tools to do their jobs most effectively. Even better, it’s easy listening. The facilitator has a pleasant voice and does a great job of leading the conversation AND allowing the experts time to share their knowledge.” – by Busy Reader

“I have listened to three of the podcasts so far and I am extremely impressed! Thanks for keeping us in touch with the big picture!”
– Juli

“I listened to this and was very intrigued, especially being an anthropologist.  I think we could do Design Thinking in our library…”
– Kate

“Library Leadership Podcast is a great resource that, through conversations with guest speakers, talks about the challenges and provides helpful tips on leading at libraries.  My most recent favorite episode is on ‘Leading with Emotional Intelligence’, where guest speaker, Jason Martin, Assoc. Dean of Walker Library at Middle Tennessee State University, provides an overview of the importance of emotional intelligence in library leadership.  Please be sure to check out this podcast series!” — Kinza Masood

“Leaders and Future Library Leaders – this is a must-listen!

This is an invaluable podcast if you a leader (or future leader) in a 21st Century Library. Times are always changing and I love how Adriane always tries to interview her guests about the relevant issues we’re facing and what we need to do to remain relevant in today’s world. Thank you so much for proving this wonderful resource.” – by dcomptonlibrarian

“Wonderful podcast. I loved it and found great customer service tips that every business can use. The value of libraries to each of us and our communities is profound.” – by Ellen R Reddick