Thank you so much for your interest in the Library Leadership Podcast. Below you’ll find answers to some of our frequently asked question.

Why did you start the show?

Library Leadership Podcast was developed from the desire to broaden the way we talk and think about leadership in libraries. There are many ways to engage – conferences, books, articles, and webinars – all of which are fantastic. But, what could be better, or more accessible, than to have real conversations with real leaders willing to share their ideas, innovations, and strategic insights in the profession? Bi-monthly conversations prepare all of us to lead libraries into the future.

Who will benefit the most from this show?

The show is designed for anyone in libraries who is interested in growing in the profession. We are all leaders in libraries – from working on committees to spearheading projects – we all have a role in leading our profession into the future. If you’re waiting to be someone’s boss before you call yourself a leader, wait no more. You are a leader no matter where you sit in your organization. Hear from others in the field for inspiration, ideas, and guidance. The more we all talk together as professionals the better we become.

Are you still looking for guests to be interviewed for the show?

We’d love to hear from you about who you would like to have on the show. Who inspires you? Who is doing innovative work from which we can all learn? Let us know. We will reach out to see if they’ll do an episode!

Why should our staff, or board of directors, listen to this show?

Listening to Library Leadership Podcast lets everyone be an insider to cutting-edge-thinking in the world of libraries. Where else can you get direct insights from top leaders making a difference in the world of libraries? Tune in and share the show with others.