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145. Rooting Out Dysfunction and Creating Successful Teams with Amanda Johnson & Lauren Clossey

Lauren Clossey and Amanda Johnson

All of us want to avoid dysfunction within our organizations and create successful teams, yet how often do we have time to talk and think about ways to do that? On this show we do just this with Lauren Clossey and Amanda Johnson, Owners of Alliance Research and Training in North Carolina, as they share information on rooting out dysfunction and creating successful teams. They provide insightful training on this topic to help teams build trust, safety, inclusion, and transparency to empower libraries to provide the best possible service.

105. Winning Team Culture with Amy Stalker

What can you do to create a winning team culture in your organization? On this show Amy Stalker, Associate Department Head at the Dunwoody Campus Library at Georgia State University, talks about ways we can develop a team culture that helps us want to go to work and helps make work a place where our teams want to be.

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