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154. Don’t Sweat the Difficult Conversations with Tiffany Peck, Jen Wiese, Angie Miraflor & Danielle Perry

Danielle Perry, Angie Miraflor, Tiffany Peck, and Jen Wiese

Who wants to handle a difficult conversation in the workplace? If you are saying, “not it” right now, this show is for you. And, let’s be honest, this probably applies to all of us to some degree. On this show, you will get advice from a knowledgeable panel about how not to sweat difficult conversations. Listen to find out how from Tiffany Peck, Director of Customer Experience, and Jen Wiese, Director of Human Resources, at the St. Louis Public Library, and from Angie Miraflor, Deputy Director of Public Services, and Danielle Perry, Director of Human Resources, with the King County Library System.

153. Making Your Library the Hub of the Community with Lacey Sudderth

Lacey Sudderth

How do you make your library the hub of the community? On this show Lacey Sudderth, Assistant Manager at McAlester Public Library in Oklahoma, talks about how to engage in relationships across our communities to create broad connections and involvement that can truly make our libraries the hub of the community.

Recommended leadership book by Lacey: Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

152. Spreading Literacy, No Walls Needed with Vashalice Kaaba

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Vashalice Kaaba

We often talk about leading library services from within libraries. But what do you do if you want to provide library services and don’t have the luxury of four walls? On this show Vashalice Kaaba, PhD Candidate of Information Studies at Florida State University, talks about spreading literacy, no walls needed. She was inspired by work she did in the Peace Corps in Uganda spreading literacy and saw similar needs in the U.S., so developed a project called “Library in a Box” that addresses the pressing issue of literacy access in underserved communities.

Support for the Uganda Wanyange Primary School Community Library Project can be provided at

Vashalice Kaaba’s recommended library leadership book: The Experimental Library

151. Building a Digital Equity Strategy with Alexandra Houff

What are the options for building a digital equity strategy in your library? On this show Alexandra Houff, Digital Equity and Virtual Services Manager with the Baltimore County Public Library, talks about her library system’s work in this area as well as the opportunity for all libraries to create access that is supportable, sustainable, and scalable.

150. Supporting New and Second-Career Librarians with Kathel Dunn

Kathel Dunn

How do you set up new and second-career librarians for success in your library? On this show Kathel Dunn, Associate Fellowship Program Coordinator with the National Library of Medicine, shares valuable information on ways to support those coming into the profession. It’s an outstanding model that all of us can use to mentor others into excellence in librarianship.

Kathel’s recommended book:

149. Building Joy-Centric Libraries with Rebecca Hass

What are ways we can bring joy into our work lives and libraries? On this show Rebecca Hass, Programming and Outreach Manager with Anne Arundel County Public Library, talks about Building Joy-Centric Libraries. It’s a way we can get joy into the conversation about what we do and then make it happen. 

Recommended Books & Links by Rebecca Hass

148. Advancing a Culture of Creativity in Libraries with Megan Lotts

Pictured: Megan Lotts – photo credit: Nick Romanenko

Have you wondered how to address your challenging library work through creativity to help solve problems and uncover new possibilities? On this show Megan Lotts, Art Librarian with Rutgers the State University of New Jersey and the author of Advancing a Culture of Creativity in Libraries, helps us do this. This discussion invites you to unlock your creative potential in tackling your library’s most pressing needs.

147. Libraries Working with State Humanities Councils with Kase Johnstun

As librarians, we are always looking for ways to bring meaningful stories and programs to our communities, but do you ever struggle with finding ways to do that? On this show Kase Johnstun, Manager of the Utah Center for the Book with Utah Humanities, talks about the ways this becomes easier through partnerships with state humanities organizations. There are 56 councils located in every U.S. state and jurisdiction that work to support local public humanities programs and provide prime opportunities for partnering to bring stories and programs to our libraries.

146. Leading from a “Good Inside” Perspective with Rebekah Cummings

Do you ever find it challenging to see the good in people when difficult situations arise? On this show Rebekah Cummings, Digital Matters Interim Director at the University of Utah Marriott Library, shares insights on Leading from a “Good Inside” Perspective. It’s a way of shifting our perspective when dealing with others that allows for generosity even when it may be challenging.

145. Rooting Out Dysfunction and Creating Successful Teams with Amanda Johnson & Lauren Clossey

Lauren Clossey and Amanda Johnson

All of us want to avoid dysfunction within our organizations and create successful teams, yet how often do we have time to talk and think about ways to do that? On this show we do just this with Lauren Clossey and Amanda Johnson, Owners of Alliance Research and Training in North Carolina, as they share information on rooting out dysfunction and creating successful teams. They provide insightful training on this topic to help teams build trust, safety, inclusion, and transparency to empower libraries to provide the best possible service.

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