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142. Negative Work Experience Survey Results with Amadee Ricketts

Have you ever had negative work experiences and wondered what others have done when they found themselves in similar situations? On this show Amadee Ricketts, Director of the Cochise County Library District in Arizona, talks about the results of a survey she conducted about negative work experiences in libraries. The results provided insights into the commonalities of these experiences, whether libraries are worse than other workplaces, and what red flags to watch for when applying for library jobs. 

141. Embracing Restorative Practices in Leadership with Stephen Jackson

What are restorative practices and how can they help our libraries create dialog, trust, and growth? On this show Stephen Jackson, Director of Equity and Anti-Racism at Oak Park Public Library in Illinois, talks about creating peace circles in libraries where people can share perspectives in safe environments that develop relationships and heal trauma.

139. Exploring Compassion  Satisfaction with Kay Coates

What is compassion satisfaction and what effect does it have on those of us in the helping profession of librarianship? On this show Kay Coates – Assistant Professor of Research, Instruction and Outreach at Georgia Southern University Libraries – explores how serving others often leads to enjoyment and satisfaction, but also a need to strive for balance and self-care in the process.

138. Bridging the Gap Between Support Staff and Librarians with Machelle Keen

What are ways our organizations can unite support staff and librarians? On this show Machelle Keen, User Services and Facilities Coordinator for Vanderbilt Libraries in Tennesee, talks about this important aspect of development for our organizations and how, as a library support staff member for over thirty-three years, she created a conference to help do this. Her passion for uniting, supporting, and developing all members of our teams bridges the gap between support staff and librarians to help everyone’s talents shine in providing excellent library services.

137. Examining Quiet Quitting with Annie Epperson and Stephen Sweeney

Annie Epperson and Stephen Sweeney

What is quiet quitting and how might it affect your library? On this show Annie Epperson, Professor of Teaching & Learning at the University of Northern Colorado Libraries, and Stephen Sweeney, Director for the Cardinal Stafford Library at the Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary, share what they have learned about quiet quitting. We are hearing a lot about this in the news as people grapple with work culture, life balance, pay, and equity. This conversation explores the quiet quitting phenomenon and what it might mean for all of us in libraries.

136. Writing Policy Without Worry with Beka Lemons

Have you wondered if there was a way to write policies without worry? On this show Beka Lemons, Director of the Huntington City Township Public Library in Indiana, talks about Writing Policy Without Worry. Good policies are an essential part of library operations. Beka provides concrete steps and practical tips that will make your process of policy writing far less worrying.

135. Building Data Dashboards with Katie Pierce Farrier

As librarians how can we utilize data and what we learn from it to skillfully represent what’s going on in our organizations? On this show Katie Pierce Farrier – Data Science Strategist for the Network of the National Library of Medicine, Region 3 – talks about ways we can use data dashboards to communicate and share findings to best serve constituents.

134. Regrouping After Failure with Lisa Becksford, A.M. Alpin & Isabel Soto-Luna

Pictured: A.M. Alpin, Isabel Soto-Luna, and Lisa Becksford

How do we recover from experiences of failure? On this show I talk with Lisa Becksford, Head of Learning Design Initiatives at Virginia Tech’s Newman Library, A.M. Alpin, Director of Library Lab & Special Projects at New York University Libraries, and Isabel Soto-Luna, Business Librarian at the University of Nebraska Omaha. Each shares personal reflections on failure and insights for recovery. While failure is something none of us wish for, it holds potential growth. Being able to talk about this and know we are not alone can help all of us successfully move past failure.

133. The Library’s Role in Economic Development with Diane Luccy and Julie Brophy

Julie Brophy & Diane Luccy

How can your library help constituents in the role of economic development? On this show Diane Luccy, Business and Careers Manager at the Richland Library in Columbia, South Carolina, and Julie Brophy, Adult and Community Engagement Manager at the Baltimore County Public Library in Maryland, share steps our libraries can take to become valuable resources in economic development and help support thriving local economies.

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