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100. Cataloging the Community with James LaRue

Jamie LaRue

On this show Jamie LaRue, CEO and Founder of LaRue and Associates, shares a distinctive way our organizations can move from being library-centric to being community-centric by cataloging the community. It’s a way we can take the classic library skills of cataloging, reference interviews, and database creation to the next level to create a powerful way to serve our communities.

99. Customer Service Matters with Asti Ogletree

Why does customer service matter? On this show Asti Ogletree, Operations Manager at the East Central Arkansas Regional Library at the Cross County Branch, jumps right into this topic to explore just why customer service matters and how we can help our library teams make it happen. You won’t want to miss this conversation on what to do when we feel like scattering when a difficult patron walks through the door or even how to create “inspiration stations” to help us be our best selves when we are helping people. 

98. Effective Staff Development on Any Budget with Tiffany Hayes

What are effective ways we can implement staff development on any budget? On this show Tiffany Hayes, Director of Library Development at the South Carolina State Library shares thoughts on this topic. All libraries have staff learning needs that can benefit from this conversation. From effective learning design to developing a plan for our own library with clear objectives and outcomes, the ideas shared here will help all of us implement effective staff development on any budget.

97. Better Handling of Sexual Harassment with Katie McLain Horner

What do we do in libraries when patrons sexually harass staff? On this show, I speak with Katie McLain Horner, Head of Circulation & Reference at the Lake Bluff Public Library. She shares why personal experiences dealing with this issue led her to think and write about ways to support staff who experience this troubling problem. In this episode we learn how not to respond to sexual harassment, what steps to take if is someone reports an incident, how this can be especially sensitive for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ members of our staff, how important it is to ask staff what they need in these situations, and even what the documenting of sexual harassment incidents should look like. 

96. Policies of Yes with Jennie Garner

What are Policies of Yes and how might they help us serve our user groups? On this show Jennie Garner, Director of the North Liberty Library, shares what it means to think about policies in a way that creates flexibility, inclusion, empathy, and allyship with those we serve while including staff in policy development and training in a way that gets everyone to yes. 

95. Beginner’s Guide to Being in Charge with Suzanne Macaulay

How can we overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed and intimidated when moving into a new role of being in charge? On this show Suzanne Macaulay, Deputy Director of the Pioneer Library System in New York, talks about ways to overcome these feelings as well as how to avoid some common mistakes of new leadership. She shares the importance of support networks and professional development, and what new leaders bring to the table. We are all new to roles of being in charge at some point. Listening to this conversation will help anyone finding themselves in that situation to set off on the right foot. 

94. Shark Tank Lessons for Libraries with Elektra Greer

Are there ideas that libraries can take from the business world to create success? On this show I speak with Elektra Greer, Director of the Nederland Community Library in Colorado, about Shark Tank lessons for libraries. She discusses what it might look like to pitch our ideas for funding and support using lessons from entrepreneurs that add value, help develop services, and bolster marketing techniques. It’s an intriguing conversation that provides insights into entrepreneurial success that we can apply in our libraries.

93. Low Morale in Libraries with Kaetrena Davis Kendrick

What causes low morale in libraries? On this show I talk with Kaetrena Davis Kendrick. She’s a researcher, facilitator, and leader in libraries who was recognized in 2019 as the ACRL Academic Research Librarian of the Year. Her findings revealed a disturbing level of abuse in libraries and a lack of institutional support to resolve these situations. She shares with us important insights from her work on low morale in libraries, how it particularly affects BIPOC members of our organizations, and ways we can transform ourselves and our libraries to inclusively honor the lived experiences of library workers.

92. Trauma-Informed Service with Tiffany Russell

How does trauma impact the lives of those we serve in libraries? On this show I speak withTiffany Russell. She’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked in libraries delivering trauma-informed service. She shares what a trauma-informed approach can look like in assisting people and creating safe spaces for everyone—along with what resources, partnerships, and advocacy we need to do this work.

91. Staff Equity and Inclusion Training: An Award-Winning Program with Rosy Wagner

How do we implement award-winning Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training in our libraries? On this show Rosy Wagner, Lifelong Learning Librarian for the Burlington County Library System, shares what her organization did to win the EBSCO Information Services Library Staff Development Award to do just this. It’s something from which we all can learn.

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