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150. Supporting New and Second-Career Librarians with Kathel Dunn

Kathel Dunn

How do you set up new and second-career librarians for success in your library? On this show Kathel Dunn, Associate Fellowship Program Coordinator with the National Library of Medicine, shares valuable information on ways to support those coming into the profession. It’s an outstanding model that all of us can use to mentor others into excellence in librarianship.

Kathel’s recommended book:

141. Embracing Restorative Practices in Leadership with Stephen Jackson

What are restorative practices and how can they help our libraries create dialog, trust, and growth? On this show Stephen Jackson, Director of Equity and Anti-Racism at Oak Park Public Library in Illinois, talks about creating peace circles in libraries where people can share perspectives in safe environments that develop relationships and heal trauma.

138. Bridging the Gap Between Support Staff and Librarians with Machelle Keen

What are ways our organizations can unite support staff and librarians? On this show Machelle Keen, User Services and Facilities Coordinator for Vanderbilt Libraries in Tennesee, talks about this important aspect of development for our organizations and how, as a library support staff member for over thirty-three years, she created a conference to help do this. Her passion for uniting, supporting, and developing all members of our teams bridges the gap between support staff and librarians to help everyone’s talents shine in providing excellent library services.

132. The Reference Interview: Asking Better Questions for Happier Customers with Robin Filipczak and Stacey Grijalva

[Pictured: Robin Flipczak and Stacey Grijalva]

Have you asked yourself lately how you can up your reference interview game to best serve your constituents?  On this show, we hear from two professionals at the Denver Public Library. Stacey Grijalva, is a Librarian at the Central Library, and Robin Filipzak, is Supervisor at the Eugene Field Branch Library. They share how successfully discerning what people need using reference interviews is key to creating happy customers. This topic is fundamental to our profession and essential for getting the people we assist just what they need.

119. Library Director Training with Michele Stricker

What knowledge do library directors need to be effective? On this show Michele Stricker, Deputy State Librarian of Library Development in New Jersey, shares the essentials of library director training developed through her agency to provide effective leadership support in her state. She talks about the essentials that library directors need to know in managing staff, working with boards, influencing elected officials, working with communities, and more.

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