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54. Taking Care of Ourselves with Jenn Carson

As librarians, how many times do we tell people what we do and have them say, “Oh, that’s nice. It must be so relaxing?” While it may be cliché, I bet we’ve all heard this a time or two. The truth is that library work can take its toll. On this show, I talk with Jenn Carson, Director of the LP Fisher Public Library in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada.

She is a yoga teacher, a positional therapist, and the author of Yoga and Meditation at the Library: A Practical Guide for Librarians . She’s also the creator of Whether you are knotted up over work, personal issues, or politics this show teaches how we can take care of ourselves and unwind. 

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  • Lisa Apr 23,2020 at 1:04 am

    I missed this but would love a link to the recording.

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