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69. Reflections on Library Leadership Podcast with Adriane Herrick Juarez

Adriane Herrick Juarez has been the host of Library Leadership Podcast since 2017 and has had the opportunity to interview many guests who have shared their ideas, innovations, and strategic insights in the profession. This year, we had a number of listeners reach out to us asking to hear more about Adriane, why she started the show, what she has learned, and any secrets of success she can share about leadership. As 2020 comes to a close, this episode shares a few of Adriane’s thoughts. Thanks to all of our listeners for their support. We will be back next month with more conversations from outstanding guests. Enjoy the show!

68. Big Programming Ideas for Small Budgets with Chelsea Price

Want to create amazing programming while making every budget-dollar count? On this show, I talk with Chelsea Price, Director of the Meservey Public Library in Iowa. She’s the author of the book 209 Big Programming Ideas for Small Budgets and shares on this episode ways that with creativity, flexibility, and heart we can all deliver outstanding programs that make the most of every programming dollar. These are ideas every library can use.  

67. Leadership in Unprecedented Times with Ramiro Salazar

Over the last year, we’ve all been dealing with a lot. Everyone in libraries has pulled together to make so much possible during unprecedented times. This makes me particularly grateful for this discussion with Ramiro Salazar, Director of the San Antonio Public Library and immediate Past-President of the Public Library Association.

During his PLA Presidency our profession saw an e-Book embargo from a major publisher, a global pandemic, and a great deal of reckoning surrounding race. He has been quoted as saying, “time and time again, libraries have demonstrated resiliency during times of crisis.” His thoughts on these topics and handling extraordinary change are something we all can use as we continue to move into the future. 

66. Personal Leadership with Michelle Ornat

Michelle Ornat

How do you define leadership for yourself? For each person there is a different answer. On today’s show, I talk with Michelle Ornat, Deputy Director of public services for the San Jose Public Library. She discusses how we can define leadership for ourselves and utilize a combination of traits to develop our own personal leadership style. Whether you are currently in a leadership role or looking to grow in this area, you won’t want to miss this conversation.

65. The Ideal Qualities of Library Leaders and Employees with Dr. Anthony Chow & Ashley Conte

Want to be an ideal library leader or employee? Today’s guests offer insights into just what that looks like. Dr. Anthony Chow, Associate Professor at The University of North Carolina Greensboro, and Ashley Conte, Librarian at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library, share research that examines what we all can do to up-our-game as both leaders and employees.

64. Times of Change: Leadership, Management, and How Teams Adapt with Tony Gardner

During times of rapid and unexpected change, as we are all dealing with now, it can be helpful to get information from an expert to help guide our paths. So, I reached out to Tony Gardner. Tony is on the faculty at the University of Virginia serving as the Director of the Leadership Development program of the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service.

He works in both the public and private sectors to improve organizational performance and manage large-scale organizational change. I was fortunate a number of years ago to attend the Leadership Development Program at the University of Virginia and learned a great deal from Tony, who generously on this podcast episode, shares his expertise about Leadership in Times of Change. ([email protected])

63. Preventing Harassment and Bullying in Libraries with Dr. Steve Albrecht

Do you know what to do if you are faced with harassment or bullying in your library? According to Dr. Steve Albrecht, one of the nation’s leading experts on library safety and security, many of us do not. Because of this, cases often go unreported, which can lead to unfortunate consequences.

On this podcast you’ll learn about the importance of having policies in place to deal with bullying and harassment, how this is a training matter, and what the intervention processes should look like in libraries. I hope you’ll tune in for this important conversation.

62. Effective Annual Reports with Patrick Bodily

Does developing an annual report for your library make you nervous? If so, you’re not alone. But, fear no more. On this show I talk with Patrick Bodily, Library Director of Independence Public Library in Oregon. He shares ways we can make an impact with our annual reports and gives pro tips on how to share our stories in ways that are eye-catching and understandable. There will be lots of impactful annual reports coming out for those who listen in.

61. Library Management 101: A Practical Guide with Lisa Hussey

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide to library management in a nutshell? On this show, that’s what you’ll get as I talk with Lisa Hussey, Associate Professor at Simmons and editor of the book Library Management 101: A Practical Guide.

It’s all here: how to deal with change and conflict, planning and decision-making, communication, and even respect in the workplace. Whether you’re a current manager or perhaps looking at going into management this information will prove invaluable. 

60. The Healing Library: Developing Nontraditional Lending for Trauma Assistance with Megan Emery

Have you ever had the need in your library to assist families after periods of trauma? On this show I speak with Megan Schadich, Creator of the Healing Library.

Her organization creates resources for libraries to help trauma, recognizing that families can build their own journey of healing with quality experiences and materials at their libraries. From dealing with the death of a loved one or a pet, to handling Alzheimer’s, to coping with the myriad of emotions surrounding COVID-19 the resources that Megan shares will help libraries help families.

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