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Library Leadership

1. Valerie Maginnis, Executive Director of the Teton County Public Library System

Valerie Maginnis, Executive Director of the Teton County Public Library System, shares valuable thoughts on ways in which libraries can provide responsive community services and play roles in the economic and political dynamics that affect our communities. We hear her vision for providing free and open neutral spaces and ways in which libraries can maintain relevancy.

She shares personal insights on the role of libraries as collaborators, and ways in which she gets her message out to stakeholders. After listening, you will be ready to inspire your followers, to work collaboratively with library foundations, and to think about what libraries mean to you. Like a breath of fresh air from the Teton Mountains, this podcast will leave you refreshed and inspired.

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Library Leadership Books

Recommended Books: Strategic Diversity Leadership

Episode #4: Jim Neal 
“I’ve always been very interested in the work of Clayton Christensen. I know that there is some debate about his commentaries on leadership but I view the importance of innovation as so critical to the success of libraries and librarians.

He, more than any other writer today, has given me some really good guidance and good thinking around how social, political, economic, technological change encourages us to think differently about what we are, how we are perceived and understood by the communities we serve and by how we do it. I find his work to be really powerful.

The other book that I found to be really helpful was focused on the higher education communities by Damon Williams called, Strategic Diversity Leadership. It’s all about how to activate change and transformation in the higher education community. It has important lessons that extend well beyond just colleges and universities.

It just demonstrates that in order to have high-quality education, to promote economic development, leadership capacity, social justice —diversity is important, but it’s central to our work as leaders in whatever field we find ourselves working in. I’ve always tried to embrace that. It’s one of my core values, and I’m glad to be working in a field which also gives such high importance to diversity, inclusion and social justice.”

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