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83. Fighting for Library Funding with Jennifer Henecke

It is the email you hope to never get. Your library funding is on the chopping block. What are we to do when something like this happens in our library? On this episode I speak with Jennifer Heneke, Chief Engagement Officer at St. Joseph Public Library in Indiana. She shares what happened when this scenario came to pass in her organization and how they fought back, plus the lessons that were learned that can help all of us in libraries.

82. Playing On the Same Team with The Friends of the Library with Krista Riggs

We are rebuilding from Covid-19. Given all that we have been through, how do we prepare for the future together with our Friends of the Library? On this show I speak with Krista Riggs, Director of the Madera County Library in California. She shares the ways we can create a sense of alignment between the Library and the Friends of the Library, and how being intentional in the development of this relationship let’s us all play for the same team.

22. How to Improve Your Library’s Fundraising with Peter Pearson

Have you ever wondered how your library can tap into private funding to better accomplish your mission? On today’s show, you will learn what programs and services are most appropriate for these kinds of efforts, who you can turn to do your fundraising and how, which activities are easiest to start with, and even gain insight into the big question, “Should our library have a gala?”

Today we talk with Peter Pearson an active consultant in the area of library fundraising and Board development with 25 years of experience as President of the Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library in Minnesota. His deep knowledge provides all of us valuable insights. Enjoy the show!

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