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How to Improve Your Library’s Fundraising with Peter Pearson

Peter Pearson

Have you ever wondered how your library can tap into private funding to better accomplish your mission? On today’s show you will learn what programs and services are most appropriate for these kinds of efforts, who you can turn to to do your fundraising and how, which activities are easiest to start with, and even gain insight into the big question, “Should our library have a gala?”

Today we talk with Peter Pearson an active consultant in the area of library fundraising and Board development with 25 years of experience as President of the Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library in Minnesota. His deep knowledge provides all of us valuable insights. Enjoy the show!

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  • Brenda Maldonado Dec 31,2018 at 9:17 am

    Wow Peter has given a wealth of information. This is a wonderful Podcast. Two thumbs up.

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