29. How Do We Express Our Worth: Solving the Value Dilemma with Constance Ard

How do we, as librarians, communicate the value of our services? On this show we hear from Constance Ard, the Answer Maven, now utilizing her MSLIS and 20+ years of experience as the Research Services Resource Manager with an international law practice.

As we listen to Constance, we no longer have to be intimidated by expressing our value, nor will our message be lost in a changing world.

28. Assembling Superhero Library Teams with Kevin King

Assembling library teams can be challenging. It can also be a lot of fun, especially if you listen to Kevin King, Head of Branch and Circulation Services at the Kalamazoo(MI)Public Library. Kevin has a unique way to think about bringing together the right heroes for teams and capitalizing on their superpowers.

He shares with us the important archetypes of teams and how to integrate those for great results in superhero style. Need a Hulk on your team? How about a Batman? Find out if you do on this super episode.

27. Who is Your Hero?

A special message of thanks and an invite to share your library heroes with the show. 

26. Assisting Entrepreneurs: Libraries as Launchpads with Eli Guinnee

National Entrepreneurship Week is February, 16-23, 2019. In this special episode of Library Leadership Podcast we explore ideas on how your library can support the local economy by assisting entrepreneurs.

The New Mexico State Library is leading the way in assisting entrepreneurs. They received a grant for $50,000 from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)in implementing a creative economy initiative called, “Libraries as Launchpads.”

Want to find out how you can develop services and resources that create entrepreneurial success for individuals and your local economy? Tune in as Eli Guinnee, the State Librarian of New Mexico, shares the importance of libraries being involved in supporting start-ups and creative business ideas.

25. Pushing a Boulder Uphill: Leading Organizational Change with Phil Johnson and Jessica Hayes

Have you ever felt leading organizational change is like the mythical story of Sisyphus, pushing a boulder uphill, only to have it roll down again? If so, you will want to tune into this show as we gain insights that help us lead organizational change, strengthen our skills for this challenge, and engage in techniques that increase success.

Phil Johnson, Dean of the Auburn University at Montgomery Library, and Jessica Hayes, the organization’s Head of Public Services, share their experiences in this area. Tune in to learn that pushing a boulder uphill really can get easier.

24. Video Strategies for Libraries with David Lee King

Leadership in libraries means getting the word out about what we do. On this show we talk with David Lee King, Digital Services Director at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library about how videos can be a useful way to do that. He teaches us how making library videos can be easy with simple steps to create visual marketing.

23. Renew Yourself: A Six-Step Plan for More Meaningful Work with Catherine Hakala-Ausperk

Why is it important to renew ourselves and find meaning in the workplace as we provide library services? Today’s guest Cathy Hakala-Ausperk—librarian, speaker, trainer, and author, helps us answer that important question with information from her book, Renew Yourself: A Six-Step Plan for More Meaningful Work.

It is important to stay engaged in our own development so that we may offer the best library services possible, creating meaning for ourselves and the communities we serve.

22. How to Improve Your Library’s Fundraising with Peter Pearson

Have you ever wondered how your library can tap into private funding to better accomplish your mission? On today’s show, you will learn what programs and services are most appropriate for these kinds of efforts, who you can turn to do your fundraising and how, which activities are easiest to start with, and even gain insight into the big question, “Should our library have a gala?”

Today we talk with Peter Pearson an active consultant in the area of library fundraising and Board development with 25 years of experience as President of the Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library in Minnesota. His deep knowledge provides all of us valuable insights. Enjoy the show!

21. Loida Garcia-Febo: American Library Association President, 2018-2019

Loida Garcia-Febo is the 2018-2019 American Library Association President. She is an inspiring figure sharing the important message that Libraries = Strong Communities. In this interview you will hear her talk about her experiences traveling to libraries across the country to see the many inspirations out in the field, along with the challenges in libraries with which ALA can help.

She shares an important vision for diversity, and inclusion, and talks about what ignites her soul on fire while offering advice for each of us to develop our own passions in libraries. You will leave with outstanding resources and insights about ways to serve with love, another message she is sharing during her term.

20. Managing Up: Strategies for Cultivating Effective Supervisor Relationships with Michelle Armstrong

How would you describe your relationship with the person to whom you report?  If yours is top-down, you may be at risk for feeling powerless, disengaged, and ultimately ineffective.

We all have someone we report to. On today’s show you will get insights into their behaviors, needs, and expectations, and gain concrete actions to positively influence the relationship as we talk with Michelle Armstrong, the Associate Dean of the Scholarly Communications and Data Management Unit for Albertsons Library at Boise State University in Idaho. We get to hear about her work on, “ManagingUp: Strategies for Cultivating Effective Supervisor Relationships.”

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