19. Starting an Initiative: How to Invest and Create Commitment with Sari Feldman

Have you ever wanted to create a new initiative in your library, but weren’t sure where to start? How can we make our plans fit the needs of our community, get investment, create involvement throughout our organization, and make it all pay off?

On this show we talk with Sari Feldman, Executive Director of Cuyahoga County Public Library. Under her leadership, the system received the highest overall score among America’s largest metropolitan library systems in Library Journal’s Index of Public Library Service for many years running. Sari served as Past President for both the American Library Association and the Public Library Association.

She shares the ways in which she started a meaningful initiative for her community called, The Reconnect with Reading Campaign. It’s a successful example we all can use as we kick off initiatives of our own. It will also speak to the readers-heart in each of us. Thank you for tuning in.

18. A City Manager on Libraries Leadership – Diane Foster

Have you ever wondered how you can embrace values in your library that make everyone a leader in every role, as well as create ‘mindshare’ with stakeholders and decision-makers about the importance of your library?

On today’s show you will get practical ways to do just that as we talk with Diane Foster, City Manager in Park City, Utah. She manages, directs, and coordinates municipal services with a background from the private sector, primarily in the high-tech and ski industries. 

During her tenure, Park City developed a high-tech Library with a $10 million budget that involved everyone and utilized the skills, ability, knowledge, and energy of a town of 8,000 residents to create a 21st Century Library that now serves over 175,000 visitors per year.

17. Finding Your “Why?”: Clarifying Passion in Leadership with Andrew Sanderbeck

Today’s guest provides a pathway to developing as a passionate leader utilizing the letters in the word P-A-S-S-I-O-N, standing for Purpose, Action, Success, Support, Intention, and Now.

Follow along as Andrew Sanderbeck an expert presenter, coach, and consultant for libraries takes us on a journey that helps clarify our passion and give us a direct pathway to personal development.

Finding our root passion in leadership can be a difficult quest. Seeking an answer to the question “Why do we do what we do?” can lead us in many directions. What motivates each person is unique.

16. How to Create a Data-Driven Library with Kendra Trachta

As librarians, we are always asking ourselves, “What does our community need? How can we make a difference in the lives of individuals and the community as a whole?” On this episode of Library Leadership Podcast, we talk with Kendra Trachta, Deputy Director of Sno-Isle Libraries, a two-county system in northwest Washington.

She helps us answer these questions by guiding us to become data-driven libraries and shares that this is not really about numbers; it’s about using numbers to understand people and purpose. She takes us from passive to active means for making informed decisions. Her favorite question is “Why?” Yours will be, too, after listening to this show.

15. Leading with Emotional Intelligence with Jason Martin

Leadership is emotional. People are often promoted into leadership positions based on their emotional intelligence, which research has shown to be twice as important for leaders as technical skills. Those high in this ability are rated as better leaders by the people who work for them as they know how to set a positive emotional tone in their organizations to lead success.

On this show, Jason Martin, Associate Dean of the Walker Library at Middle Tennessee State University, provides an overview of emotional intelligence and its importance to library leaders.

14. How to Engage Entry-Level Workers with Anthony Morris

Are you among those who started out in libraries accidentally? Many of us first discover librarianship through entry-level work only to find it is the perfect long-term career choice. That was certainly the case for Anthony Morris who we talk to on this episode of Library Leadership Podcast. 

Anthony published an article in the May/June 2018 edition of Public Libraries Magazine called, “Many Hands Make for Better Work: Enhancing the Library with Entry-Level Workers.” He shares ways that libraries can engage entry-level workers to utilize their unique talents while bringing great benefits to our organizations.

By listening, you will discover win-win ways to engage a person in library work that develops their passions and interests, while celebrating how many hands can lighten the work to make our libraries a success.

13. Kym Cadle founder of Pure Ambition

In July 2018, a Forbes op-ed column argued that libraries should be replaced by Amazon to ‘save taxpayer’s money’, which led to an outcry that resulted in the article ultimately being taken down.

Our host, Adriane Herrick Juarez, reached out to Kym Cadle founder of Pure Ambition, a consulting company that believes living and leading with intention is paramount to creating the change that our current times demand.

Kym has taken teams that are experiencing cascades of rapid growth to rates of even higher success through building capacity for mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

In this interview, she turns her attention to libraries to suggest ways for creating the capacity to deal with unprecedented pace in a way that is intentional and informed by values.

We can all be involved to transcend stressors through a process of awareness, attention, intention, and action. Kym likes to say, “We can’t stop the wave, but we can learn to surf.” Listen as he shares ways to create dynamic outcomes by taking this stance. Kym can be reached at http://www.pureambitionconsulting.com/.

12. Effective Difficult Conversations with Author Catherine B. Soehner

Have you ever had to have a difficult conversation at work? If so, you’re not alone. In an information landscape where change is the status quo, these conversations come with the territory. Being a library leader means knowing how to confidently steer these conversations so that they lead to productive results. On this episode Catherine Soehner, author of the book Effective Difficult Conversations, teaches us how.

Catherine Soehner is the Executive Director of the Eccles Health Sciences Library and is the Associate Dean for Research and User Services at the University of Utah’s J. Willard Marriott Library.  She provides vision and leadership for a wide range of library services delivered onsite and virtually.

11. Miguel Figueroa, Director for the Center for the Future of Libraries

Change comes at us rapidly from all directions. What innovations do we implement in response to current developments in libraries? On this episode of Library Leadership Podcast we talk with Miguel Figueroa, Director for the Center for the Future of Libraries (www.ala.org/libraryofthefuture), an initiative from the American Library Association.

Miguel shares how everyone in libraries can be empowered to think about the future with unique access points and perspectives. He guides us in evaluating innovations, based on the values of the profession to provide forward-thinking services to our communities. From virtual reality to daily resource allocation, this show helps answer your questions about when to act, or not act, and how to prioritize trends.

10. Maureen Sullivan, American Library Association’s Emerging Leaders Program

Maureen Sullivan provides insights on the American Library Association’s Emerging Leaders Program, designed to empower up-and-coming leaders through project planning, peer networking, and gaining inside perspectives into the American Library Association (ALA).

In this episode, Maureen shares thoughts from her time as President of the ALA in 2012-2013 and from her work with librarians across the country as she designs and implements numerous leadership development programs. You won’t want to miss her thoughts on some of the valuable resources that will benefit everyone in the information profession, along with the personal reasons why this work means so much to her.

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